'Welcome To' App

'Welcome To...' is a 'roll and write' game designed by Benoit Tupin, where players are architects in 1950s America competing to build the most desirable suburb.

Roll and write games provide each player with a sheet of paper and pencil with which to record their decisions, and a set of variables are generated each turn. Traditionally, this is done with a set of dice (hence the term 'roll'); in 'Welcome To...' decks of cards are used instead. This app replicates the drawing of these cards.

Launch Card Dealer for 'Welcome To'

The rules of the game can be found on BoardGameGeek or the publisher's site. A scoresheet is available here and can be printed or used directly within a web browser. A printer friendly version is also available. Scoresheet apps can be downloaded for iOS or Android which handle the score calculations automatically.

Tap the City Plan cards to mark them as 'approved' and remove the higher points value marker.

Development Notes

The software is written in Godot 3.1.2 using GDScript. Cards from the main deck are drawn randomly without replacement while the objective deck is drawn with replacement.

Written on November 8, 2020